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With our patent-pending design, we are producing stronger decks. This is accomplished partly by using lightweight reinforcing carbon fiber strings between the veneers. 

Our decks are not a marketing gimmick. We use the best of every material we can find from our glues, hard maple veneers, right down to the highest quality carbon fiber.

All of our products are made right here in the U.S.A.

We are confident when you ride one of our boards you will see why we started the Colonial Brand.


To Colonial,   

I just want to say you have a good product going for you, personally the shape of the 8 inch board had the perfect length to, a lot of people don't realize the length of the board also effects the feel of skateboarding, and your board was about 32 inches long, which is a fairly select size on the market as far as the number of company s that make them. I also want to compliment you on the tail being a more even size to the nose, I really like that, I think the pop is a lot smoother with the extra surface area, also a lot of boards on the market usually have a shorter tail, and the long nose. So far the board shape is holding out great, but because of the winter I have only had about a week total skating it, but besides that just want to say you have a great product going for you. I will do some filming as soon as I can, and send you some footage using the board. 


The boards last an extremely long time and you don't have to worry about snapping the board, but the normal wear and tear on the edges of the board (totally natural for every board made of wood). The pop on the board lasts as long as you keep the board. I absolutely love these boards for all these reasons above.



"The decks are great and have been lasting me just about 2 months. The feel is awesome and so solid. Also you can tell your getting more pop from the board. Everyone who takes a test ride on it says they feel better on this deck than their own. The decks slide so nicely and even though its a simple design, it gets a lot of attention from other riders."


"Thanks so much for finally making a deck that will last longer than 2 weeks. My son is a 10 year old skater who is rough on his boards. He goes through at least 2 decks a month. So far it's been over 1 month and no noticeable damage to his Colonial deck. You just earned customers for life with us."

Thanks and keep up the great work.

"Very excited about the deck!  We've been searching for the most durable deck for my 15 year old son.  He has gone through 3 decks in the last month.  He's a big guy - 6' 1", 220 pounds and loves skateboarding.  The problem is that no deck can withstand the beating he gives it.  Keeping my fingers crossed for Colonial!"

Thanks again and let us know when to look for the deck.



Manufacturing skateboards in Las Vegas poses certain challenges due to the lack of humidity. All of our hard rock maple comes from North America. We have a cargo container humidor to keep the wood moist. The moisture content of the wood must be 7% or greater or we can’t use it. In order to maintain moisture, we take the boards off the pallet and put them in the humidor.   From our bolt of carbon fiber we cut strips and patches which are then applied to specific veneers within specific layers of the board for maximum reinforcement.

We press our decks in an eight deck press, four decks per bay, at over 200 pounds PSI. They are kept under pressure for a minimum of one hour to ensure optimal adhesion and shape.

They are then cured for 7 days to “set”. This is to complete the drying of the glue and the shaping of the decks.

A Colonial Carb.In Deck and a fist full of high quality, vinyl stickers.
A Colonial Carb.In Deck, a fist full of stickers and a Colonial Brand T-Shirt. (Black or White)
A Colonial Carb.In Deck, a fist full of stickers, 2 Colonial Brand T-shirt’s one dark, one light and a Colonial Brand Hoodie.


  • The Dabbler
        • Colonial Carb.In Deck
        • Fist Full of Stickers
        • Colonial Club Membership (1yr)
  • The Superfan
      • Colonial Carb.In Deck
      • Fist Full of Stickers
      • 2 Colonial Brand T-Shirts
      • 1 Colonial Brand Hoodie
      • Colonial Club Membership (1yr)